The aQWERTYon (QWERTY accordion) is designed to simplify the process for improvising, learning, and making music with your computer keyboard. Play along with your favorite YouTube videos, learn music theory through our Music Theory for Bedroom Producers course in collaboration with Soundfly, or take advantage of Web MIDI and us it to play and record into your favorite digital audio workstation, such as, GarageBand, Logic, or Ableton, or as input into music notation programs like Noteflight.

Play with the aQWERTYOn here.

Client Music Experience Design Lab
Scope User Research, User Experience Design, Interface Design

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Pana Li works at the intersection of color, sound, design and technology. As a designer, she helps tech products create delightful experiences from scratch. When she is not designing you can catch her dj sets via Radio Nopal, or playing in Duolingo.