Moon Soft Synth

Moon Soft Synth is part of a series of Magic Objects designed for Mágico Real , a -work in progress- immersive experience that explores shamanism, ritual and identity through performance art, new media and technology. In collaboration with Javier Molina .

The object is a soft circuit synthesizer handmade with fabric, yarn, mirrors and pompons. The soft circuit is made with Arduino LilyPad, conductive thread and knobs; it uses granular synthesis techniques to generate sound. The code is based on the Audino synthesizer.

You can find the upgraded code for LilyPad Arduino 328 Main Board here.

Shown in The World Maker Faire New York 2014.

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Pana Li works at the intersection of color, sound, design and technology. As a designer, she helps tech products create delightful experiences from scratch. When she is not designing you can catch her dj sets via Radio Nopal, or playing in Duolingo.