Visual identity system design for Gozar

As Co-founder of the Calentura and Subsuelo crews out of L.A. (not to forget Tropicali & Carmona!) & tech-liaison for The Lift, Gozar had the chance to conceive of, produce, execute & perform at a truly diverse and exciting list of events & venues with so many of his musical inspirations. Gozar has played festivals, quincineras, backyard house parties, civic events, countless nights at dingy bars, warehouse parties, Capoeira studios, yoga retreats, ethiopian restaurants and more and featuring genres as diverse as global, soulful, organic funky & tribal house, latin, afrrican & brazilian organic & bass music, midtempo groovy beats, twerk, digi roots reggae, soul & funk, hip-hop and house party throwback fun of all kinds.

Client Gozar
Scope  Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Art Direction
Year 2016

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Pana Li works at the intersection of color, sound, design and technology. As a designer, she helps tech products create delightful experiences from scratch. When she is not designing you can catch her dj sets via Radio Nopal, or playing in Duolingo.